Fake Casting Directors Cheat Model Of Rs 8.5 Lakh With Lure Of Leading Roles In Films

Mumbai, 16th January 2023: A shocking incident has come to light where a 32-year-old actress and model from Andheri was cheated of about eight and a half lakh rupees with a lure to play lead roles in actor Rajinikanth’s much-loved ‘Jailor’ along with ‘Shaheed’ and ‘Pushpa-2’. In this case, on the complaint of the model’s mother, the Versova police have registered a case against two fake casting directors for cheating by making fake documents. Their names are Piyush Jain and Sameer.

A woman living in the Char Bungalow area in Andheri has a food business. Her 32-year-old daughter is a model and actress and has worked in Hindi serials like ‘Kasam’, ‘Aahat’, and ‘Crime Patrol’. She has an account on Instagram. In July last year, there was a message on her Instagram account. She got an opportunity to work in Rajinikanth’s much-loved film ‘Jailor’ and she was called for an audition.

She was offered the role of a female police officer. She then telephoned the concerned person. This time this person said that he was Piyush Jain. He told her that he was the casting director of the movie ‘Jailor’ and asked her to send him a photograph in a police uniform. She was overjoyed to be playing the lead role with Rajinikanth. After that, she took some pictures in a police uniform and sent them to Piyush Jain. Piyush had promised her a good role in other films, including ‘Jailor’. Piyush told her that the casting director Sameer needed a lead actress for the film ‘Shaheed’ and would recommend her for the film.

Not only this, but after seeing her picture, Sameer said she is the right actress for the film ‘Shaheed’. In August 2022, the duo sent her copies of the Cine TV Off Artist Card and physical card through courier. Meanwhile, he tried to gain her trust by sending her a contract to work for the film ‘Jailor’ and documents regarding her visa for the shoot in France.

In January, a plane ticket was sent with her to Paris via Dubai for her mother. Her Airline Ticket, Lodge along with ‘Jailor’, ‘Shaheed’ and ‘Pushpa-2’, Legal Contracts, Clearance of Bank Certificate, Entertainment Tax, GST, Instagram Verification, Wikipedia and Google are her name on social media as the shoot is from 18th January to 7th February. Money was demanded in broadcasting. So her mother transferred eight and a half lakh rupees online to Piyush Jain and Sameer respectively between July and December 2022.

The two had cancelled their tickets to Paris, saying that the process would be completed soon. After inquiring about this, he was told that the shooting period has been extended and a new ticket will be sent. After that, Piyush uploaded the poster of ‘Jailor’ on her Instagram.

After seeing that poster, a person named Pranav called her and asked her to immediately remove the poster from her Instagram. This time, she said that it was Piyush and Sameer who uploaded the poster and said that they offered her a role in the movie ‘Jailor’. After hearing this information, Pranav told her that he is the assistant director of the film ‘Jailor’ and they don’t have any casting director named Piyush Jain. The woman and her daughter were shocked to hear this information. As soon as the fraud came to light, the mother of the actress rushed to the Versova police station and informed the police present about the incident. Following her complaint, a case has been registered against Piyush Jain and Sameer for cheating by forging documents.