Thane-Borivali Travel In 20 Minutes: Tender Issued For Construction Of Underground Route

Mumbai, 16th January 2023: The work on the 11.8 km long Thane-Borivali underpass undertaken by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) to cover the distance between Thane-Borivali in just 20 minutes will begin soon. MMRDA has issued tenders for the construction to start the work of this project which has been stalled for six-seven years. MMRDA intends to complete this tender process and start the work during monsoon.

Today it takes one and a half to one and a half hours to reach Borivali from Thane. This journey takes two hours during peak hours. With this background, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) undertook the Thane – Borivali surface road project to free commuters and motorists from the traffic jam and to cover this distance in just 20 minutes. But as MSRDC could not get this project on track in five years, the state government transferred the project to MMRDA in 2021.

The work was expected to start after the project was handed over to MMRDA. However, because this route passes through the forest, the environment and wildlife may be threatened, and the government had directed the MMRDA to re-study the project. Due to a time-lapse in the process of approving the revised plan prepared at the end of the study, the work of the project was delayed. But now, MMRDA has issued tenders for the construction of this project. Therefore, there are signs that this project will be launched soon.

As per MMRDA’s tender, two tenders have been invited for the works of this 11.8 km underground route and two tunnels of 10.25 km in length. MMRDA is planning to complete this tender process in the next three-four months and start the actual project work during the monsoon season. This project, which has been stalled for six-seven years, will now be on its way. But Mumbaikars and Thanekars will have to wait for the next five years to cross the Thane-Borivali distance in just 20 minutes. The project is expected to take five years to complete.

Thane – Borivali road: 11.8 km long route.
Two tunnels of 10.25 km length en route: Both tunnels will pass under the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
Six lanes (three to come-three to go)
Expected expenditure of Rs 11,235.43 crore

The work will be completed in five years. Borivali to Thane can be reached in just 20 minutes if this route is put into service.