False Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Rock Mumbai Police: Eight Female Constables Vow to Seek Justice

Mumbai, 8th January 2024: In a disturbing turn of events, eight female constables find themselves victims of a malicious WhatsApp letter containing false claims of sexual misconduct and abuse by three senior police officers at the Motor Transport Unit. The constables, determined to clear their names, plan to approach Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar and the administration department to seek redress against those responsible for circulating the misleading information.

The fabricated letter, bearing the signatures of the constables, falsely alleges sexual exploitation, impregnation, and blackmail with explicit material by their seniors. This baseless information not only reached senior politicians and police officers but also local police stations, causing severe embarrassment and humiliation to the implicated constables.

Deeply distressed by the baseless accusations, the constables intend to take legal action and approach the authorities to ensure accountability for those behind the false information. The constables express their anguish, emphasizing the emotional toll the fabricated claims have taken on them. Some constables face inquiries from their families, and tragically, a few have attempted suicide due to the distress caused.

Despite the ordeal, the constables steadfastly maintain that their seniors have treated them with utmost respect and dignity. One constable emphasized, ‘Our seniors treat us like sisters. Saying such things about them is defamatory.’ The constables are determined to withstand the damaging repercussions of the false letter and call for swift action to identify and hold accountable those responsible for this malicious act.