FDA Issues Notices To Storage Spaces To Ensure Quality Of Food

Mumbai, 14th November 2022: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued notices to all godown and cold store owners in the state to make necessary improvements to ensure that the quality of food imported from various countries is as per food and safety standards. Orders have been given to amend as per the rules in the next 48 hours, or the administration will start confiscation of goods in these godowns and cold storages.


Last week, the Food and Drug Administration seized goods worth Rs 29 crores after taking action against cold stores in Navi Mumbai. So far, this is the biggest action taken by the FDA. “It is not only our intention to take action but also to ensure that the quality of the imported goods is good. The godowns and cold storage operators need to be taken care of,” Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, Abhimanyu Kale, said. “A 72-hour notice has been given to amend as per the rules issued from time to time,” he stated.


At present, the consumption of food imported from abroad has increased. But after importing these food products, complaints about the quality are coming to the administration due to lack of care in the cold storage where they are kept. Food and Drug Administration Minister Sanjay Rathod has given instructions to take action in this regard. Savla Foods and Cold Storage were suddenly raided by the officials of the Food and Safety Department. At that time, many objectionable items were found in this raid. The quality of imported food was questioned. Kale said that 35 samples of the goods have been seized for testing and the report is likely to be received this week.


Negligence was found in key matters such as not mentioning the name of the country of origin on the imported food, when the food concerned was dispatched, and the expiry date of the food. A serious issue of non-obtainability of licenses under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 was also found. If in the inspection report, the concerned food is found dangerous to life, a case will be filed directly against the concerned in the court. Another serious aspect of the illegal stocking of food was revealed in the raid, even though there was no agreement between the importer and the cold storage owner.