From Missing Person to Murder: The Untold Story of Mumbai’s Kirti Vyas

Mumbai, 28th May 2024: Six years ago, Kirti Vyas, a resident of Grant Road and an employee of BBlunt Salon in Andheri, disappeared after leaving for work. Despite extensive efforts, her body was never recovered. Investigations led to the arrest of her colleagues, Siddhesh Tamhankar and Kavita Sidhwani (name changed as per court directives), who were found guilty of strangling her and disposing of her body at Mahul. The tragic incident occurred between Bombay Central and Saat Rasta.

Here’s a chronological overview of the significant developments in the case:

– February 14, 2018: Kirti Vyas issued a show-cause notice to Siddhesh Tamhankar due to his poor performance at work.

– March 16, 2018: Tamhankar and Sidhwani pick up Vyas from her home and later strangle her, dumping her body in Mahul. Her father files a missing person report.

– April 5, 2018: The investigation is transferred to the crime branch unit II.

– May 3, 2018: DNA reports confirm that Vyas’s body had been placed in Sidhwani’s car before disposal. A murder case is registered, and Tamhankar and Sidhwani are arrested on May 5.

– July 30, 2018: A detailed chargesheet is filed.

– November 10, 2021: Charges are framed against Tamhankar and Sidhwani for various offences, including murder and destruction of evidence.

– December 3, 2021: The trial commences, with Vyas’s father providing testimony.

– December 8, 2021: The prosecution presents its final witnesses and arguments, followed by the defence.

Tamhankar and Sidhwani were found guilty under several IPC sections, including wrongful restraint, kidnapping, murder, and destruction of evidence.

The prosecution argued that Tamhankar’s motive stemmed from his dissatisfaction with Vyas’s performance review, as well as his extramarital affair with Sidhwani. Police corroborated the events leading to the murder, detailing how Tamhankar and Sidhwani executed their plan to kill Vyas between Bombay Central and Saat Rasta.

Siddhesh Tamhankar, a BCom graduate residing in Bhoiwada, and Kavita Sidhwani, who lived in Santacruz with her family, were identified as the perpetrators. Tamhankar has been in custody since his arrest, while Sidhwani was granted bail in 2021.