Illegal Sand Mining Continues Unabated In Thane

Thane, 22nd December 2022: The sand mafia can be seen collecting sand in large quantities in the Mumbra sand port area, immediately after the district authority concluded the official sand auction.

Barges and boats for transporting sand have been seen in the Mumbra Sand Port area for the past few days. The mafia is openly mining sand under the railway bridge in Mumbra Bay. The problem of safety of the bridge is becoming serious day by day due to the continuous collapse under the railway bridge. The revenue department is demanding strict action against these mafias.

The auction in the district has been suspended indefinitely as the sand businessmen in the district have turned their backs on the government sand auction conducted by the administration. Due to this, the district administration has lost a great deal of revenue. On the other hand, illegal sand mining from the bays of the district has continued unabated, mainly around the Mumbra Bay area. Due to this, the safety issue of this bridge is becoming a serious concern. It is seen that the district revenue department is not taking action against the sand mafia.

The district administration receives a huge amount of revenue from the auctioning of sand from creeks and tanks in the district. However, as the businessmen turned their backs on this auction, the district administration had to give up on this revenue as well. On the other hand, due to continuous sand mining, the administration is facing a big financial burden.

Action has been taken by the District Revenue Department against the illegal sand mining mafia. Last week, in a recent crackdown by the revenue department, assets worth around Rs 1 crore of the mafia were destroyed. Despite this, it is seen that the sand mafia is once again taking over. According to sources, a large gang of sand mafia is active behind this.