Mumbai: Another Leopard Caught In Aarey

Mumbai, 30th October 2022: Another leopard was captured by the forest department on Sunday morning at the Aarey Dairy Colony. The leopard was caught in a cage from Unit No. 15 at 6 am and has been taken to Sanjay Gandhi National Park.


After the death of Itika Lot, the forest department started monitoring the two suspected leopards by installing 30 CCTV cameras at Unit No. 15 on the demand of citizens. Two cages were also installed there. A three-year-old C-55 male leopard got stuck in this cage on Wednesday morning.


After that, the forest department started searching for the second C-56 leopard. The Forest Department stated that another leopard was jailed at Unit No. 15 on Sunday morning. Whether this Leopard is C-56 will be known soon.