Mumbai Bike Accident Claims Three Lives as Triple Seat Riding Turns Fatal

Mumbai 16th January 2024: In an incident on Paral Bridge, three young lives were tragically cut short as a bike, carrying two young women and a young man on a triple seat, collided with an oncoming dumper. The accident, attributed to a loss of control over the bike, occurred around 6:30 am, resulting in fatal injuries to all three occupants.

Upon receiving information about the accident, the Bhoiwada Police promptly reached the spot to investigate and manage the aftermath of the tragic collision.

The fatal incident unfolded around 6:15-6:30 am in front of Damodar Hall on Paral Bridge. The bike, carrying a triple seat arrangement with two young women and a young man, was travelling on the South Bond. Unfortunately, the bike collided with the divider, subsequently crashing into an oncoming dumper travelling on the North Bond.

The impact of the collision was severe, resulting in the literal crushing of the front part of the bike and extensive damage to the front of the dumper. The force of the collision caused all three occupants on the bike to fall onto the road, sustaining serious head injuries.

The injured were quickly rushed to KEM Hospital after the accident, where medical professionals worked diligently to assess their condition. Unfortunately, despite medical efforts, all three individuals succumbed to their injuries, leading to a tragic loss of life.

In an act of responsibility, the dumper driver voluntarily went to the police station to provide detailed information about the accident. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement and the dumper driver aim to piece together the circumstances leading to the fatal collision.