Mumbai: BMC’s Water Engineering Department Completes Mumbai-2 Channel Repair Work In 36 Hours

Mumbai, 29th March 2023: While the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) was working on the box culvert for the rainwater channel on the Eastern Expressway, the 2,345 mm diameter ‘Mumbai-2’ water channel of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation at Hariom Nagar in the Mulund Jakat Naka area was damaged, and water leaked. Therefore, from 27th March 2023, the leak repair work of this water channel carrying water from the Pise-Panjrapur complex was immediately undertaken. The water engineering department worked continuously day and night to stop the leak in record time this morning. After 36 consecutive hours of work, the work was completed today, 29th March 2023, at five am. The repair work of the Mumbai-2 water channel was completed 15 hours before the time announced by the water engineering department.

Importantly, this work was completed in record time without disrupting the water supply of the citizens of Mumbai. The team of the municipality worked very hard to do this very challenging work. The municipality deployed a team of the Protection Department, Urban External Department and Emergency Department for this work. The work was completed with the help of a total of 12 engineers and 30 workers. The water channel repair work went on continuously for 36 hours day and night. In this work, there was a challenge to work even when there was water pressure. The repair work was carried out only in the water that had leaked from the aqueduct. Finally, at five am today, the water engineering department succeeded in completing this work. Therefore, the restoration of the water supply in Mumbai has started. Due to this work, the water supply was interrupted in the city and eastern suburbs of the municipality.

It is necessary to stop the water supply completely for the repair work of the RV water line. However, the water engineering department of the municipality has completed the very challenging task in minimum time by reducing the water supply to Mumbai to a minimum. As the work on Mumbai 2 water channel has been completed, the restoration of the water supply has started this morning. Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Iqbal Singh Chahal and Additional Municipal Commissioner (Projects) P. Velrasu have praised the Department of Water Engineers and have thanked the citizens for their cooperation.

From 10 pm on Monday, 27th March 2023, to 10 pm on Wednesday, 29th March 2023, there was a 15 per cent water cut in the Eastern Suburbs and City Division. However, the water engineering department of the municipality completed the work 15 hours before the scheduled time. Thanks have been expressed on behalf of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation administration for their cooperation in using water sparingly during the period of water shortage.