Mumbai: Cama Hospital Staff Saves Three Premature Babies With Timely Delivery

Mumbai, 10th December 2022: The lives of three babies were threatened when a pregnant woman began experiencing intense abdomen pain. However, the doctors of Cama Hospital managed to save the three babies by immediately deciding to give birth through a caesarean (C) section. But due to the short gestation period, all three premature babies had low birth weights.


Rubina Parveen Aslam Sheikh (30), a resident of Bhiwandi, became pregnant for the second time. This time, she was pregnant with three babies (triplets. The duration of pregnancy was only 35 weeks. She began experiencing intense pain when she was admitted to the hospital. As there were three babies in the womb, the doctors decided to perform an immediate caesarean section so that the lives of the babies would not remain in danger. The doctors managed to deliver all three babies safely. But due to the short gestation period, all three premature babies had low birth weights. The first and second babies are girls weighing 1.184 grams and 1.732 grams respectively. The third baby is a boy and weighs 1.838 grams. Due to preterm delivery, all three infants were suffering from low weight and respiratory distress and were immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


All three infants were immediately put on ventilators as their condition was critical. They were started on supportive medications to improve lung function and antibiotics to prevent infection. Babies were kept in cubicles because underweight babies are more prone to infection quickly. Care was taken by the nurses to regularly and consistently sterilize the items, clothing and equipment used for them. The mother had not started producing enough milk for all three babies. So after the respiratory process of all three babies became normal, they were started to be fed breast milk through the tube. Rubina was counselled with appropriate medication for the pregnancy of three babies, premature delivery and the resulting mental stress and high blood pressure. The mother and the three children were sent home safely after 26 days due to the medication under the guidance of the hospital superintendent, Dr Tushar Palve, Dr Shruti Dale, the tireless work of other doctors in the hospitals, the guidance of the department head nurse Jyoti Dake, nurse Praveen Koshti, assistant nurse Nirupama Dongre, and other nurses.