Mumbai: Corporation To Spend Rs 14 Crore To Solve Issue Of water Leakage In Eastern Suburbs

Mumbai, 6th January 2023: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has prepared a proposal to appoint a contractor for the next two years to stop the leakage of water from the water channels in Deonar, Govandi, and Mankhurd areas in the eastern suburbs, to prevent polluted water supply and to do other works related to the water channels.

The Municipal Corporation will spend Rs 14 crore, including all taxes, for these works. The contractor is willing to work at 26 per cent less than the estimated cost. It has become necessary to take up various works urgently to stop leakage of water from the network of water channels, remove contamination of water, take measures related to inadequate water supply, lay new water channels if necessary, replace old and corroded water channels, relocate water channels obstructing the work of cement concrete and rainwater channels, and renew water connections. The contract for these works expired in August. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation invited tenders for the appointment of a new contractor. A contractor has been selected for these works after the tender process.

After receiving complaints from citizens regarding water supply, these works have to be done immediately. If these works are not done in time, water is wasted and polluted. The budget is prepared only after these works are done. It is not possible to obtain administrative approval before working. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation prepared an office budget based on the amount of the last contract. The contractor had submitted the tender at a lower rate of 26 per cent. The contractor has all his materials and machinery for excavation. So he has disclosed that he has paid low rates. Also, four and a half crore rupees have been kept as a security deposit.