Central Railway Route Blocked By Fog, Trains Slow Down

Mumbai, 6th January 2023: The schedule of fast local on Central Railway heading towards CSMT was disrupted from Thursday morning. As a result, passengers had to suffer a lot. The Central Railway informed that the local schedule has been affected as Mail-Express trains arriving in Mumbai were delayed by about one to four hours due to the fog.

The announcement that this local was running late was being made at Kalyan, Dombivli, Thane and other expressway stations. For the past few months, the local schedule on the Central Railway has been disrupted due to various reasons. On Thursday too, from 7 am, fast local trains coming towards CSMT started running with delay. After that, from 11 am, the schedule of this local got worse and the fast local to CSMT was running late by 25 to 30 minutes. Due to this, the local trains were crowded with passengers. Due to overcrowding, some passengers could not even enter the local coach. Some stations were announcing that the local was running late. However, the exact reason behind it was not told to the passengers. According to the information provided by the Central Railway, due to heavy fog in some areas of North India and Maharashtra in the morning, the loco pilots of Mail-Express trains were having trouble seeing the track and signals.

These cars were moving slowly while coming from some lanes. As a result, trains coming towards Mumbai were running one hour to four hours late. Twelve such mail-express trains were out of schedule. Other Mail-Express included Train No. 22108 Latur-CSTM Express, Train No. 12138 Punjab Mail, Train No. 01028 Gorakhpur-Dadar Special, and Train No. 11006 Chalukya Express. The option of running the Mail-Express through the fast local route was chosen so that these trains would have a clear path after entering Mumbai. As a result, the schedule of fast local trains heading towards CSMT was disrupted. Locals on slower routes to CSMT were also running five to 10 minutes late. Because of this, the local trains were crowded.