Mumbai: Dharavi Redevelopment Project Given To Adani Group With Highest Bid Of Rs 5000 Crores

Mumbai, 29th November 2022: Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, will be redeveloped by the Adani Group. The Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) on Tuesday opened construction tenders after the completion of scrutiny, and the Adani Group won. Adani Group has placed the highest bid of Rs 5,000 crores. At the same time, DLF Group has placed a bid of Rs 2,025 crore, and Naman Group’s tender has been disqualified. So now it has been sealed that the Dharavi redevelopment project will go to the highest bidder – Adani Group.

For the fourth time, global tenders were invited for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. Eight global companies showed interest in this tender. But, only three companies submitted tenders. It included DLF, Adani and Naman Group.

After scrutinizing these tenders, DRP opened the tenders on Tuesday. Naman’s tender was disqualified after scrutiny. The bid for the project was more than Rs 1,600 crores. Accordingly, Adani Group has bid the highest amount of Rs 5,000 crores, and DLF Group has bid for Rs 2,025 crores. Adani Group as a whole has won the competition for the redevelopment project. With the approval of the state government, the tender will be finalized, and the redevelopment project will be started.