Mumbai: Electrical Charging Stations To Be Introduced In 10 More Public Parking Lots

Mumbai, 29th March 2023: As part of encouraging the use of electric vehicles for environmental balance and conservation, electrical vehicle charging stations will be set up in 10 more public parking lots in Mumbai. For this, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has made an agreement with the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). On behalf of the Municipal Corporation, Additional Municipal Commissioner (Projects) P. Velrasu and Additional Municipal Commissioner (Western Suburbs) Dr Sanjeev Kumar and on behalf of HPCL, Executive Director Sandeep Maheshwari, exchanged the contract.

The use of electric vehicles is being encouraged by the central and state governments for pollution control and environmental balance. Under this policy, the production of electric vehicles and the infrastructure required for it is also being encouraged. As a contribution, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has strengthened the construction of charging facilities for electric vehicles at various places in Mumbai. Electric vehicle charging stations are also being constructed in public parking lots of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. As part of these efforts, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is going to construct charging stations in ten parking lots of the Municipal Corporation. The agreement was signed today (29th March 2023) in a small ceremony at the Municipal Corporation Headquarters in the Committee Hall.

Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner (Environment) Atul Patil, Deputy Commissioner (Infrastructure) Ulhas Mahale, Chief Engineer (Roads) M. M. Patel, Deputy Chief Engineer (Transport) Vivek Kalyankar, Assistant Commissioner Vinayak Vispute, Assistant Commissioner Manish Valanju, General Manager Business Development HPCL Anant Mohapatra, Atul Goyal from the Air Fuel Department (General Manager of Training Department), Subhankar Dutta, Deputy Manager Mumbai Regional Office Rachna Ray, and other dignitaries were present.

According to this agreement, space will be provided to HPCL for setting up charging stations in the public parking lots of the Municipal Corporation. For this, the Municipal Corporation will not charge rent for the initial years. However, an amount will be paid to the Municipal Corporation on behalf of HPCL at the rate of one rupee per unit of electricity. Also, HPCL will be charging reasonable rates for charging electric vehicles at these charging stations. An average of two points will be provided at each station, meaning two vehicles can be charged. All these matters will be finalized according to the locations of the parking lots and their needs.

While guiding on this occasion, Additional Municipal Corporation Commissioner (Projects) P. Velrasu said that per the central government’s policy, every motor car sold in India from 2030 will be electric. An electric car uses electricity as an alternative fuel instead of fossil fuels. Converting conventional vehicles to electric vehicles could save about $100 billion worth of fossil fuels annually. This will save the country valuable foreign exchange and reduce pollution in cities. The government is trying to ensure that the share of electric vehicle sales should be 30 per cent for private cars, 70 per cent for commercial vehicles and 80 per cent for two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Considering all these aspects, local self-government bodies and all other relevant authorities have to play their respective roles. While trying in that direction, financial management and financial feasibility should be found and appropriate financial methods and infrastructure should be implemented. In that regard, today’s agreement is of special importance, adding that the municipal corporation will also focus on the use of solar energy and other new energy sources in the future, he noted.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr Sanjeev Kumar (Western Suburbs) said that the Municipal Corporation is striving to reduce carbon emissions. Against this background, with the collaboration of HPCL, 10 charging stations will be set up in public parking lots, four in the Mumbai city division, one in the eastern suburbs and five in the western suburbs. To date, 18,993 electric vehicles have been registered in Mumbai and 1,89,643 in Maharashtra. Infrastructure needs to be provided to encourage the use of electric vehicles. The Municipal Corporation is trying to provide 24-hour charging stations to the citizens of Mumbai near their homes. He mentioned that such activities will be implemented in collaboration with HPCL and future with other stakeholders.

Locations of 10 new proposed electrical vehicle charging stations:

1) H. P. Runwal Anthurium Near Petrol Pump, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Mulund (West)

2) Dr Anandrao Nair Marg, Jacob Circle, Byculla

3) C. S. No. 63 (PT) & 64, Apollo Meal Compound, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Paral

4). Kalpataru Evana Building, General Nagesh Marg, M.G. M. Near Hospital, Paral-Shivadi

5) Plot No. 11/124 (in part) and 12/134 (in part) contiguous plot, c. The. Ambekar Marg, Kalachowki, F/South

6) At the Junction of Hill Road and Ice Factory Lane, Bandra (West)

7) Near Vasant Oasis, Marol Village, Andheri (East)

8) Multi Storey Public Parking on Pahari Goregaon Plot, Behind Umia Mata Mandir, Vishweshwar Marg, Goregaon (East)

9) Pahari Goregaon, SV Road, Goregaon (West) (Topiwala Market Building, Near Goregaon Railway Station (West), P/South Sector)

10) Eksar Village, Devidas Galli, (Club Aquaria), Borivali (West), R/North Division