Mumbai: Traffic Jam At Malad To be Eased After Obstructions Removed By P North Division

Mumbai, 29th March 2023: The traffic jam at Malad (West) on Swami Vivekananda Marg (S.V. Road), which is always congested in the western suburbs, will now be eased. The P North Division has today (29th March 2023) removed the 16 shops obstructing road widening at Daruwala Compound near Ramchandra Lane on this route. Alternatively, the road widening has been paved.

Heavy traffic congestion was observed on Swami Vivekananda Marg (S.V. Road) near Daruwala Compound near Ramachandra Lane. The construction of 16 commercial shops near the canal was a hindrance there. That is why, to break the traffic jam, P North Division proposed to remove these 16 shops and widen the road. Deputy Commissioner (Circle 4) directed that these constructions should be removed and the road should be widened by giving financial compensation for the space to these 16 professionals from the Municipal Corporation. Under the guidance of Kiran Dighavkar, the North Division Office completed the removal of these 16 constructions today.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Corporation has taken up a 90 feet road widening project at Swami Vivekananda Marg (S.V. Road). Removing the obstruction of the said commercial shopkeepers will help speed up the road-widening work. It is mentioned by the administration that the process of removing some more constructions here is waiting for the court order and appropriate action will be taken in the future.