Mumbai: Excise Department Finds Large Stocks Of Illegal Cough Syrup During Raid

Mumbai, 30th March 2023: At Reay Road, which is quickly becoming a new drug centre in Mumbai, the Excise department seized a shipment of illegal Codeine cough syrup and detained accused Raijaul Ramjan Shaikh. The masterminds are still at large, though.

To carry out the raid on Wednesday, the Vigilance Squad assembled a team of officers, comprising senior inspector Prakash Kale, sub-inspector Laxman Lang, constables Vinod Ahire and GD Pawar.

According to sources in the Excise department, the accused Shaikh, who is in his early 40s, ran the ring out of an illegal shanty close to a railway bridge that was still being built at Reay Road.

The accused hid the bottles of illegal cough syrup in various locations along the railway tracks, forcing excise officials to dig up the location. 170 bottles, each 100 ml, totalling Rs 1.10 lakh have been recovered.

The masterminds in this crime, Lala and Javed, are wanted, according to Senior Inspector Prakash Kale of the Vigilance Squad (Sewri division), Excise Department. Shaikh was detained yesterday, while Lala and Javed are still at large. The NDPS Act sections 8C and 21 have been used to book the arrested suspect. He will appear in court today to ask for custody.

In the regions under the supervision of Excise Commissioner Dr Vijay Suryavanshi, Director Sunil Chavan, Divisional Deputy Commissioner Prasad Surve, Superintendent Praveen Tambe, and others, the Excise department has increased their level of vigilance.