Mumbai Experiences Shortage In CoviShield Supply

Mumbai, 28th December 2022: Due to the new Covid variant found in China, an atmosphere of fear has spread among the citizens and they are rushing to the vaccination centres of the Municipal Corporation in Mumbai in large numbers to get the booster dose of the Corona vaccine. But Mumbai Municipal Corporation has only a stock of the Covaxin vaccine available. Citizens going to get the Covishield vaccine have to go back without taking the vaccine. As a result, many people are going to private hospitals and getting vaccinated. Others are waiting for the CoviShield vaccine.

Corona vaccination started on 15th January 2021. But at this time, the Covishield vaccine made by Serum Institute was being given. Therefore, a large number of citizens have taken two doses of the Covishield vaccine. But as the coronavirus came under control, many citizens neglected to take the dose of the booster vaccine. The new virus ‘BF7’ found in China is spreading rapidly. This coronavirus is spreading rapidly in countries like America, Japan and China. Hence, alert orders have been given in India. As a result, an atmosphere of fear has spread among the citizens.

After taking both doses of the vaccine, it was decided to give a booster dose as the risk of the coronavirus remained. However, due to the reduction in the incidence of Corona, many people neglected to take the booster dose. At that time, the municipal corporation had the necessary stock for the booster vaccine. However, the officials of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation said that the vaccine available in the Municipal Corporation was largely wasted as citizens did not come to take the booster dose.