Two Arrested For Snatching Equipment Of Police At Colaba


Mumbai, 28th December 2022: Colaba police arrested two youths who snatched the mobile phone and walkie-talkie of the police on duty in the area. A case of obstructing government work and forced theft has been registered against the accused. Manikrao Tople (31), a police constable working at the Colaba Police Station, was stationed on the road near the Junction in Colaba. At that time, the accused, Sumit Kasare and Adarsh Patil, snatched Tople’s walkie-talkie and mobile phone. Tople was also beaten and abused.

They then ran away with his mobile phone. Based on the complaint made by Tople in this matter, both the accused have been arrested and the mobile phone has been seized from them. A case has been registered against the accused for creating an obstruction in government work, forced theft, beating and abuse. Police are investigating further in this matter.