Mumbai: Hospital Cleaner Arrested for Attempted Voyeurism of Female Doctor

Govandi, 8th December 2023: In a disturbing incident at a Brihanmumbai Municipal Hospital hospital in Govandi, a hospital cleaning worker was apprehended by the police for attempting to create obscene tapes of a resident female doctor. The incident unfolded three days ago, raising concerns about the safety and privacy of healthcare professionals within the hospital premises.

The accused, identified as Ashok Gupta, aged 28, worked as a hospital cleaner. The unsettling incident occurred on Sunday morning when Gupta entered the room of a resident female doctor for routine cleaning. Taking advantage of the situation, he attempted to capture explicit images of the woman while she was taking a bath. The voyeuristic act was reportedly carried out through the window of the hospital’s bathroom.

Upon discovering the disturbing incident, the female doctor promptly reported the matter to the Govandi police. Police officials acted swiftly, registering a case against Ashok Gupta and launching an immediate investigation into the incident.