Mumbai: ‘Unusual’ Assault on Female Police Officer at Bombay High Court Leads to Arrest


Mumbai, 8th December 2023: In a distressing incident at the Bombay High Court, a female police officer was attacked by an enraged woman, leading to a case being registered at the Azad Maidan Police Station. The accused, identified as Afsana Abbas Ali Khatoon Ansari (36), has been taken into custody after assaulting Police Officer Nikita Kadam (23), who was stationed for Bombay High Court security.

The accused, Afsana Abbas Ali Khatoon Ansari, was reportedly in a state of distress, screaming near the High Court premises. Officer Nikita Kadam attempted to intervene and explain the situation when Ansari bit Kadam’s left hand, causing injury to the officer’s nail. Despite attempts by citizens present to calm Ansari down, she escalated the situation by physically assaulting Officer Kadam with kicks. Other policemen present at the scene managed to intervene and prevent further harm.

In response to the incident, the police control room was contacted for assistance. The mobile van of the Azad Maidan Police promptly arrived at the scene. Following the incident, Ansari was detained and brought to the Azad Maidan police station. A case was registered against her on the complaint filed by Officer Kadam. The charges include assaulting a woman police officer, obstructing government work, causing injury, and making threats.

Officer Kadam sustained injuries to her hand during the assault. The incident was captured on CCTV, and investigators are currently examining the footage to gather additional evidence. The police assured a thorough investigation into the matter.