Mumbai: Man Arrested For Showing Minors Obscene Videos And Sexual Assault


Mumbai, 27th December 2022: A 44-year-old man was arrested by the Antop Hill police on Monday after he invited minors living in the neighbourhood to his house on the pretext of playing and sexually assaulting them. The accused is suspected to have sexually assaulted four other girls and a minor boy. A police officer said he had been accused of abusing the children by showing them obscene videos. A case has also been registered against the accused under the Prevention of Misuse of Information Technology Act.

The complainant’s son is three and a half years old. It is also suspected that the accused committed obscene acts with girls aged between five and seven, and the police are investigating. On the complaint of the victim’s mother, the Atop Hill police have registered a case under the Rape, Sexual Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Act and Information Technology Prevention Act. This incident took place on 25th December. While the children were playing in the area, the accused called them home on the pretext of playing. After that, he repeatedly showed them obscene videos. The children were scared because of this situation. He had threatened the children that if they tell anyone about this, they will be punished. After the families came to know about this, they filed a complaint with the police on Monday. Accordingly, the police searched the area and arrested the accused on Monday.