Mumbai: MMC Workers Doing The Job While Risking Their Lives; Video Goes Viral

Mumbai, 18th July 2022: Employees of BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) are always performing their responsibilities without sacrificing their lives. One such video of municipality staff is going viral on social media. In this video, officers are seen repairing the water pipeline without any concern for their lives.


It is currently raining heavily in Mumbai. A large amount of rainwater is accumulating in many places. Meanwhile, near Dr B. A. Jai Hind cinema today (July 18), there was a fault in the water pipeline at Road. Municipal employees were called to repair this pipeline, where workers repaired the water pipeline without any fear.


Many people have praised the municipal officials for their commitment, while many people have raised questions about the functioning of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.


Many citizens have criticised, “It is a pity that India’s richest municipal corporation does not have the right technology to fix the problem.” Also, many have said that it is necessary to provide them with the necessary safety equipment and training.