Mumbai: Sixth Air-Conditioned Local On Central Railway

Mumbai, 18th July 2022: Another air-conditioned local entered the Central Railway fleet last week. This local is the sixth local on the Central Railway to be built at the Railway’s Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. At present, instead of the normal local in service, Central Railway is thinking of increasing the number of air-conditioned local trains.



The Central Railway fleet has five air-conditioned locales out of which four locales are in service while one local is kept in reserve. At present air-conditioned local passenger services are in service between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Kalyan, Badlapur, Ambernath, and Titwala.


There are 56 trips of this local every day. Some of these local rounds have received a good response. Air-conditioned local services on the Harbor and Thane to Panvel Trans Harbor have been discontinued due to poor response.


Another air-conditioned local has entered the fleet on Central Railway. The features of this local are similar to other air-conditioned trains in the fleet. It is built at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai.


According to a senior railway official, air-conditioned local trains of mail, express and air-conditioned trains were introduced in Mumbai last week. The administration is thinking of running air-conditioned local trains by cancelling the current 10 to 12 regular local trains on the Central Railway route. But the route of this new local is not yet decided.

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