Mumbai Municipal Corporation To Build Theme Park At Mahalakshmi Race Course

Mumbai, 5th January 2023: The lease agreement of the race course at Mahalakshmi has terminated 10 years ago and now the movement has started to build a concept park (theme park) on this plot. For that, the municipal administration will send a letter to the state government demanding that the entire plot of the race course be given to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Only 30 per cent of these plots are owned by the Municipal Corporation.

The Municipal Corporation had the right to renew the lease of plots owned by the State Government. The plot, strategically located at Mahalakshmi, was given to the Race Course Management in 1914 on a 99-year lease. This lease was terminated in 2013. Shiv Sena’s dream was to build a grand concept park at this place. The same resolution was also approved by the municipal hall. But then the state government did not take any decision on it. However, 10 years after the end of the tenancy agreement, this issue has once again come into the discussion.

After the split in the Shiv Sena and the transfer of power in the state, the municipal administration has once again started the movement to build a concept park on the race-course plot. The Municipal Corporation has so far sent several reminders to the State Government. It is understood that if this entire plot is handed over to the Municipal Corporation, a letter will be sent to the state government that the park can be developed by developing the area together. The plot area of Mahalakshmi Race Course is 8.5 lakh square meters. Out of that, only 2.5 lakh square meters of land are owned by the Municipal Corporation. Therefore, a demand will be made through a letter that the entire plot should be handed over to the Municipal Corporation.

The suggestion of a resolution regarding the realization of an international standard concept park on the race course ground at Mahalakshmi was proposed by then Shiv Sena corporator Rahul Shewale in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Auditorium. The municipal hall unanimously approved this resolution notice and sent it to the state government for further decision. But the state government has not taken any decision in this regard yet. As a result, the concept park has stalled. In that, the state government has taken the right to renew the race course. Due to this decision of the government, the municipal corporation will not be able to renew the race course plot. Therefore, approval of the state government is required for the renewal or modification of the contract.