Mumbai: National Wildlife Week in National Park Till 9th October

Mumbai, 1st October 2022: National Wildlife Week is being celebrated by the Nature Information Centre at Sanjay Gandhi National Park to raise awareness and protect wildlife, trees, and world-class caves. This Wildlife Week will be held till 9th October.


Meanwhile, a heritage walk has also been organized. The park administration has appealed to as many nature lovers as possible to participate.


Nature Information Center has also organized various informative programs on the occasion of Wildlife Week. These include nature trips, various workshops, exhibitions, and other educational competitions. This activity is divided into three sessions. Nature tours will bring tourists to various nature trails in the national park.


During the tour, the naturalist will provide information about various animals, birds, butterflies, and plants. On the occasion of Wildlife Week, two nature tours in the National Park namely Kashimira and Upper Kanheri have been launched during the week. A heritage walk is organized to provide information about the cultural heritage and history of Kanheri Caves in the National Park.