Mumbai: Police Increase Measures Against Increased Cases Of Theft During Festivals

Mumbai, 1st October 2022: After almost two years, when all the festivals are being celebrated with enthusiasm across the state including Mumbai, the incidents of chain snatching have raised their heads again.


Mumbaikars take to the streets in large numbers to celebrate festivals like the recently held Ganeshotsav, the Bandra Mount Mary fair, the ongoing Navratri festival, and in a few weeks, Diwali. This makes it easy for thieves to target big crowds and go unnoticeable.


Apart from this, the police say that the chain snatching incidents have increased due to the court granting bail to criminals who have not committed serious crimes during the Corona period with a view to reducing overcrowding in jails. Mumbai Police has released a list and photo of 26 chain snatchers with a criminal history. Police have appealed to the Mumbaikars to be careful.


In Mumbai, there has been a 60 % increase in chain snatching incidents in the first eight months of this year, in which 143 cases of chain snatching took place in Mumbai. Out of them, the police have succeeded in solving 107 cases. According to Mumbai Police data, there were 94 such cases across the city during the same period last year. Out of them, 61 cases were resolved till August.


A total of 11 cases of theft of mobile phones and gold chains were registered in Kalachowki police station during Ganeshotsav, i.e. from 31st August to 9th September. Out of them, four crimes have come to light and six accused were arrested.


Police Measures That Have Been Taken:

– Keep a close eye on the movements of accused with criminal backgrounds.

– Increased security at toll booths entering Mumbai.

– Documents are being checked for all vehicles, especially two-wheelers, at entry points in Mumbai including Thane, Mankhurd, and Dahisar toll booths.

– Greater security in crowded places like public parks, educational institutions, and religious places

– Monitoring of crowded places through CCTV cameras


Somnath Gharge, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 12 said that, “Chain snatching gangs enter Mumbai from the Ambivali toll booth in Thane. Therefore, vehicles are being checked thoroughly at all entry points in Mumbai including the Dahisar toll booth. Police presence has been increased at sensitive places like parks, educational institutions, and religious places.”