Mumbai: Platform Expansion at CSMT To Impact Train Schedules, Check Details Here

Reported by Sumit Singh

Mumbai, 16th May 2024: Central Railway’s Mumbai Division has announced special blocks for pre Non-interlocking (NI) works to extend platforms 10/11, aimed at accommodating 24-coach trains at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT). These blocks are scheduled to take place from the mid-night of 17th/18th May 2024 to 1st/2nd June 2024.

The details of the blocks are as follows:

– Date of Block: From mid-night of 17th/18th May (Friday/Saturday night) to 19th/20th May (Sunday/Monday Night)
– Duration of Block: 23:00 hrs to 05:00 hrs (6 hours)
– Block Section: UP slow line, UP and DOWN fast lines between Byculla (excluding Byculla) to CSMT (including CSMT PF-10 to PF-18, CSMT Yard, trip shed, 7th line, and CSMT Shunting neck)

Repercussions on Mail/Exp Trains

During the period from 17th/18th May 2024 to 19th/20th May 2024, several mail/express trains will undergo changes in their schedules:

Short Terminations at Dadar station from 17/18.5.2024 to 19/20.5.2024:
– 11020 Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Konark Express on JCO 16.5.2024, 17.5.2024 & 18.5.2024
– 12702 Hyderabad-CSMT Hussain Sagar Express on JCO 17.5.2024, 18.5.2024 & 19.5.2024
– 11140 Hosapete Jn-CSMT Express on JCO 17.5.2024, 18.5.2024 & 19.5.2024

Short Originations from Dadar station from 17/18.5.2024 to 19/20.5.2024:
– 22157 CSMT-Chennai Superfast Mail on JCO 17.5.2024, 18.5.2024 & 19.5.2024

These adjustments are crucial for maintaining infrastructure and ensuring safety. Passengers are urged to cooperate with the Railway Administration during this period, despite any inconvenience caused.