Mumbai Police Hit Back At Standup Comedian Who Mocked Seatbelt Rule, Tweeting

Mumbai, 2nd November 2022: Passengers in four-wheelers have been forced to wear seat belts in Mumbai since Tuesday, and strict enforcement is being carried out by the Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police is currently only giving information to drivers and passengers, actual action will start on 11th November. Meanwhile, stand-up comedian Atul Khatri has criticized the action of the Mumbai police. Mumbai Police also responded to his tweet and said that passenger safety is no joke.


Atul Khatri posted a picture to Twitter in which he is wearing a t-shirt with a seatbelt print. Atul Khatri has said in a tweet, ‘’Mumbai people wear seatbelts or buy this T-shirt from today.’’ He has also shared a photo of the t-shirt. Mumbai Police has replied to this tweet saying, “We will deposit these T-shirts for you along with the challan. Your safety is not a joke.” They also said that if this is part of his standup, make sure that the message of safety is also conveyed.


On Tuesday, traffic police took action against 185 people in Mumbai for not wearing seat belts. The officer explained that public awareness will be emphasized for 10 days in the seat belt issue, and after that, more severe action will be taken.


In Mumbai city, the maximum action was taken in the case of seat belts from the Worli traffic station. The police have planned to create awareness among vehicle drivers. Instructions have been given to traffic posts in this regard. Section 194B (1) of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 provides action for failure to fasten a seat belt. Action is being taken accordingly.


In Mumbai, it has been made mandatory for motor vehicle drivers and co-passengers to wear seat belts from 1st November. The traffic police issued an order in this regard on 14th October. If the co-passengers sitting in the front or back seat are not wearing seat belts, action will be taken by the traffic police. Also, the owners of vehicles whose vehicles do not have seat belts were given a deadline of 1st November.