Mumbai Police Launches Inquiry After Receiving Suspicious Calls Regarding 26/11 Attacks

Mumbai, 22nd May 2023: The Mumbai Police Control Room received a call from an unknown number, raising concerns as the caller mentioned the 26/11 terror attack and abruptly ended the call.

This marks the second such incident, prompting the Mumbai Police to heighten their vigilance and initiate an investigation into the matter. The caller claimed to have information related to the 26/11 attacks, sparking the police’s search for the identity of the caller.

According to police officials, the Mumbai Police Control Room received a call on Sunday night. The unidentified caller mentioned the 26/11 attacks and abruptly hung up. A similar call had been made previously, during which the caller claimed that there would be an explosion in Kurla West.

In response to the first call, the police swiftly dispatched a team to investigate the potential threat. Kurla is known for its crowded and congested environment. However, after an extensive search, no explosive materials or suspicious activities were discovered. Nonetheless, the recent call mentioning the 26/11 attacks has reignited concerns and prompted the police to remain on high alert.

The police are taking these calls seriously due to the sensitivity surrounding the 26/11 attacks, which inflicted a tragic toll on Mumbai and the nation as a whole. The threat of a similar attack occurring in Mumbai had previously surfaced in February as well, heightening security measures across the city. Authorities are actively investigating the source and intent behind the recent suspicious calls in order to ensure the safety and security of the public.

The Mumbai Police will work tirelessly to identify and locate the individual responsible for the calls. The seriousness of invoking the 26/11 attacks, which left an indelible mark on the nation’s history, cannot be understated. The police force is committed to maintaining the peace and security of Mumbai and will take all necessary precautions to prevent any untoward incidents.

As the investigation unfolds, the Mumbai Police will coordinate with relevant agencies to gather crucial information and apprehend the individual behind these calls. Public cooperation and vigilance are vital in combating any potential threats, and citizens are urged to report any suspicious activities or information to the authorities promptly.


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