Mumbai: Underground Garbage Bins To Be Reintroduced At Cuffe Parade

Mumbai, 28th December 2022: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has once again recalled the underground garbage bins. Due to the non-availability of underground space, underground garbage bins will be experimented with again. Two trees will have to be cut for the underground garbage bins in Cuffe Parade.

To save Mumbaikars from the garbage overflowing from the garbage bins and their stench, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation administration introduced the option of underground garbage bins. But this experiment was unsuccessful due to a lack of space. The Municipal Corporation had decided to install underground garbage bins at 20 places in Mumbai and places were also being searched for them. But these boxes were installed in only six or seven places out of them.

Due to the network of utility channels (cables) spread everywhere underground in Mumbai, it was difficult to find space for these two cubic meter dustbins. Therefore, this experiment was stopped. This underground dustbin will be installed in the Security Park on Captain Pethe Marg at Colaba Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai. But two trees have to be cut for that. In this regard, the Parks Department of the Municipal Corporation has sought objections and suggestions from the residents. Although the number of trees to be cut is small, the idea is likely controversial.