Mumbai Woman Falls Victim to Dating App Scam, Loses Rs 3.36 Lakh

Mumbai, 9th May 2024: In Mumbai, a 46-year-old yoga teacher fell victim to an alleged scam, losing ₹3.36 lakh to a man she met on a dating app, according to police reports.

The individual, identified as Amit Kumar, purported to be a doctor residing in Manchester, England, as per authorities on Wednesday.

Residing in the Churchgate area of south Mumbai, the woman encountered Kumar on the dating app Tinder recently and engaged in conversation with him, the official stated.

After a few days of communication, they exchanged phone numbers and continued chatting via WhatsApp.

On April 25, Kumar informed the victim about a gift he had sent her, prompting her to collect it.

Subsequently, a woman claiming to represent a courier company in Delhi contacted the victim, asserting that there was a gift awaiting her from Manchester.

The caller requested money from the victim to facilitate the delivery of the gift, leading the victim to deposit ₹3.36 lakh into various specified accounts, according to the official.

Upon realizing she had been deceived, the victim approached the Marine Drive police on Tuesday and complained.

Based on the complaint, a case was registered against Kumar and the caller under relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act, with investigations currently underway, the official added.