Mumbai: Work On Marine Drive Halted For G20 Summit

Mumbai, 14th December 2022: Due to the G20 summit, the excavation of the coastal road at Marine Drive has been stopped for two-three days. Roads are damaged due to spillage of wet soil from excavation. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation has taken this decision.


The first four-day meeting of the Development Working Group of the G20 summit is being held in Mumbai, and the streets of Mumbai have been decorated in just a few days to welcome the members from abroad attending the summit. A lot of effort has been put into preparing for this conference. Foreign representatives will participate in these meetings. Due to this, the roads in the airport area have been cleaned up.


Also, these meetings will be held at BKC and Colaba. So the roads leading to these places are decorated. Efforts are being made to keep these roads clean. As part of the same, the work of the sea coastline at Marine Drive has also been stopped. The work of digging two parallel tunnels under the Sea Coast Project is in progress. These tunnels are being dug from Priyadarshini Park along Netaji Subhash Marg (Marin Drive) to Chhoti Chowpatty near Swarajyabhoomi. One of the tunnels has been dug and the work on the other tunnel is in progress. But while digging the tunnel, a large amount of wet soil was released. While carrying this soil, some of it falls on the roads and damages the roads.


The Municipal Corporation has taken this decision for the convenience of foreign representatives. Meanwhile, despite the construction ban in Mumbai for 10 days due to pollution, the work on the Sea Coastline will continue. This work does not generate dust. Because of the beach, the soil is wet and although there is dust, it settles down due to the moisture. Officials said that this work will not be stopped.