Outrage Over Woman Dancing in Mumbai Local Trains Sparks Calls for Action

Mumbai, 29th May 2024: The trend of people dancing in metro trains, railway platforms, and other public spaces has witnessed a significant surge recently, despite facing online criticism and warnings from authorities. In a recent incident, videos surfaced online showing a young woman dancing to Bhojpuri songs inside a moving local train in Mumbai and at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), sparking outrage.

A widely circulated video on X, tagged with GRP Mumbai, DRM Mumbai, and Railway Ministry, called for authorities to intervene and halt such activities. The videos depicted the woman dancing provocatively in both general and ladies’ coaches of Mumbai local trains and on the platform of CMST station, causing inconvenience to fellow passengers. The caption accompanying the video expressed frustration, stating that passengers are unable to travel peacefully inside Mumbai locals due to the presence of hawkers, beggars, and now reel makers. Many individuals voiced their disapproval, labelling the woman’s actions as disruptive and inappropriate for public transportation. Calls for stringent measures against her were also made.

In response to the post, the official X handle of Mumbai Central DRM directed the Security Department of Mumbai Division to investigate the matter and take necessary action. They acknowledged the information and assured that it had been forwarded to the concerned officers for appropriate measures to be taken.