Thane: Protest in Shahapur: Students Demand Teachers or Responsibility for Goats

Shahapur, 8th January 2024: Students of the Zilla Parishad School in Sakadbaav, Shahapur, took a unique approach to protest on Monday, bringing goats to the Panchayat Samiti and demanding that either the authorities take responsibility for the goats or provide teachers to the school. The demonstration was fueled by the absence of teachers, leading to educational setbacks for the students.


Many schools in Shahapur taluka are grappling with a shortage of teachers relative to the number of students, resulting in academic losses. In total, 52 schools in the taluka have only one teacher, and there are 164 vacant teacher positions. The persistent lack of teachers has prompted students and their parents to stage protests, with 52 schools affected by this issue.


Expressing their grievances, students and parents from Sakadbaav, Kolkewadi, and Alyani centres gathered at the Shahapur Panchayat Samiti, surrounding the group education officer. The protesters demanded immediate action to address the shortage of teachers in their schools.


As a symbolic gesture, the students brought goats to the protest, indicating that if teachers couldn’t be provided, the authorities should give goats. The unique demonstration aimed to draw attention to the urgent need for qualified educators.


In response to the protest, the group education authorities acknowledged the demand, leading to the appointment of teachers at three schools: Sakadbaav, Kolkewadi, and Umbarwadi.