Thane: Tragic Murder Unfolds During Liquor Party in Kalyan: Two Arrested, Two At Large

Kalyan, 10th January 2024: In a distressing incident during a late-night liquor party in the Maharal area of Titwala, near Kalyan, two individuals have been arrested by the Titwala police for the murder of their friend, identified as Rajan Yerkar, also known as Janu. The apprehended suspects are Rohit Bhalekar and Sameer Chavan, while the police continue the search for Parvez Shaikh and Sunil Waghmare, who remains at large.

The unfortunate event transpired on a Monday night when all five individuals were engaged in an alcohol-fueled gathering. Tensions escalated when Janu and one of his friends got into a verbal altercation, exchanging insults. In response, Bhalekar retrieved a country-made revolver from Shaikh, who had it and fired multiple shots at Janu, resulting in his tragic death.

The police investigation revealed that at least three shots were discharged, with one hitting Janu in the chest. Despite immediate efforts to rush him to the hospital, he was declared dead upon arrival.

In response to the gravity of the incident, the Titwala police acted swiftly, forming dedicated teams that successfully apprehended two of the accused. However, the hunt continues for the remaining two suspects, Parvez Shaikh and Sunil Waghmare. It has been disclosed that all five individuals involved in the tragic event work in various odd jobs and fall within the age range of 18 to 23.