The Guardians Real Estate Advisory sells 1,827 units in Q1 FY 2022-23, Clocks INR 3,133 crore of sales turnover during this period 

Mumbai, 8th July 2022: The Guardians has firmly established itself as the undisputed real estate advisory in terms of both sales volume and value in the first quarter of FY 2022-23.




At a time when the industry is still treading slowly back to normalcy after the impact of Covid, the firm has clocked in a consolidated sales turnover for its developer clientele of INR 3,133 crore in Q1 FY 2022-23. This stems from 1,827 units sold, translating to 12 lakh sq. ft. of RERA carpet area across geographies in the first quarter of this fiscal at an average ticket size of INR 1.7 crore. With these numbers, The Guardians is well on track towards achieving a target of INR 15,000 crore of turnover for this financial year.




The firm has orchestrated 4,20,081 leads for enquiry and 30,792 walk-ins across 41 new launches in Western, Central and South Mumbai, as well as Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.




It is such consistent performance that has catapulted The Guardians into the position of trusted market leader for the real estate sector in Mumbai and beyond. Being in the driver’s seat, the firm ensures its success translates to the larger industry. While other sectors have seen heavy business turbulence in recent times, real estate has largely been a steady ship, with The Guardians as a reliable captain at the helm.




In line with the launch calendar that The Guardians had planned for the quarter and the requisite project approvals, the firm sold 397 units worth INR 599 crore in the Western suburbs, across 11 projects that contributed to 19% of the quarterly sales turnover. The Central suburbs saw sales of 866 units worth INR 1,530 crore across 15 projects – 49% of the turnover. While South Mumbai resulted in 291 units worth INR 779 crore sold across 10 projects – 25% of the turnover. Finally, new markets beyond Mumbai saw sales of273 units worth INR 225 crore across 5 projects – contributing to 7% of the value in the short span of just a few months.




Today, The Guardians’ developer clientele includes Mumbai’s top brands like Sheth Creators, Adani, Godrej Properties, Wadhwa Group, Chandak, MICL, and Kanakia. Many leading developers based outside Mumbai like the Bengaluru-based Prestige Group, Kolkata-based Siddha Group, and the Pune-based Goel Ganga Group have appointed The Guardians as the strategic marketing and sales partner for their Mumbai operations.




According to industry experts, this is a huge development and a sign of realignment in the MMR real estate market as real estate consultants like The Guardians are gaining a huge footprint in the MMR market by offering tailor-made market services, while established developers have started outsourcing the marketing and sales mandate to consultants in order to cope up with the onslaught of uncertainties in the post-pandemic business landscape and to also reduce the huge cost burden of managing a large marketing and sales team. The same philosophy is enabling the firm to expand its operations to other markets including Pune and Bengaluru, with a dedicated sales office in Dubai.




While speaking on the development, Mr. Ram Naik, Director, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory, explained what made The Guardians flourish in the current times.




He said, “The past 2 years have changed the way people live and work, and hence the demand and supply dynamics in the real estate market were completely disruptive in nature. The reason why we sold more homes consistently in the last two years of the pandemic and also in the first quarter of this financial year is due to the convergence between our market and product intelligence, technology and marketing and sales strategies, which has helped our developer clients to adapt to the sudden disruptions caused by the various factors. We have achieved market-leading sales numbers despite the increase of 1% in the the Maharashtra stamp duty and the rise in the repo rate by the RBI set to result in higher home loan interest rates for home-buyers.”




“Our seasoned 900+ professionals continue to offer tailor-made strategies for our developer clients to challenge the status quo and change the existing marketing and sales strategies. We recommended a complete transformation, right from the planning of the residences to the overall master layout design as well as to the amenities to meet the market demand.”




With Mumbai becoming a key market for developers that offer higher margins, many developers who are based outside Mumbai are eagerly looking to enter this market. The recent entrants in Mumbai include the Bengaluru-based Prestige Group and Puravankara Group, Pune-based Goel Ganga Group, and Kolkata-based Siddha Group. Coincidentally, The Guardians is the strategic marketing and sales partner for three out of the four developers mentioned here.