Thieves Rob Rs Two Lakh From Palghar Bank

Palghar, 2nd January 2022: The Boisar branch of Bank of Baroda was recently robbed of Rs two lakh. The burglars entered the bank through a window late at night and stole a large number of coins. A case has been registered against the unknown burglars at Boisar Police Station.

The bank was located on Tarapur Road in Boisar. On 29th December, after the bank closed at 7 pm, the gang entered the building by removing the grill from the rear window and then removing the exhaust fan. They then proceeded to steal five bags of Rs 20 coins worth Rs two lakh.

The next morning, as soon as the bank opened, as usual, the theft was noticed. As soon as the manager of the bank filed a complaint at the Boisar police station, a case was registered against the unknown thieves in Gu.Reg.No.- 534/2022. The case was registered under sections 454, 457, and 390. Sub-Divisional Police Officer Boisar Division Nityanand Jha and Police Inspector Pradeep Kasbe visited and inspected the spot. Sub-Inspector Sharad Suralkar is conducting a further investigation.