University of Mumbai Faces Backlash Over Errors in Post Graduate Law Exam Results

Mumbai University's Adhisabha Elections

Mumbai, 30th May 2023: The University of Mumbai faced criticism as errors were discovered in the recently declared results of the Second Semester Examination of the Post Graduate Law Faculty (Two Year Course). Students reported being marked absent despite their presence and encountering failures in subjects they believed they had passed. In light of these issues, students are demanding a prompt initiation of the re-evaluation process and the announcement of revised results before proceeding with the third-semester examination.


The academic year for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 batches of the Post Graduate Law Faculty was expected to conclude in April 2023. However, the year faced disruptions due to various circumstances. The second-semester examination took place from 10th to 18th January, and after a delay of nearly five months, the university announced the results on Saturday, 27th May 2023. The third session of the second year commenced provisionally in February, with practical examinations occurring in May. Written examinations for two subjects are anticipated to be held in June. Eligibility for the third-semester examination is contingent upon passing all six subjects from the first and second semesters. Yet, students express concerns over being marked absent despite attending the second-semester examination.


The re-evaluation process for the second-semester law examination must commence immediately, with the third-semester examination scheduled at least 15 days after the announcement of the revised results.


Recognizing the potential academic setbacks faced by numerous students, the students’ group Yuva Sena, led by Deputy Secretary Sachin Pawar, has written an email to Chancellor and Governor Ramesh Bais and Vice-Chancellor in charge of Mumbai University, Dr. Digambar Shirke, urging them to promptly address the errors and provide relief to the affected students.


Technical errors committed by certain colleges and students, such as incorrect information provided on the answer sheets, including barcodes, meeting numbers, subject codes, and paper codes, have resulted in withheld results and marked absences. These errors are being thoroughly investigated, and the results will be declared expeditiously. Additionally, the Mumbai University’s Board of Examinations and Evaluation has assured students that the re-evaluation process will commence soon.


One student shared their distress, stating, “I have never failed an examination in the law branch, nor have I received any ‘KT’ (carrying forward a subject). My academic record is commendable. However, in the Second Semester Examination of the Post Graduate Law, I failed three out of four subjects and received a mere 60 out of 100 in one subject. Even after a long delay of five months, numerous errors have surfaced in the results. The answer sheets appear to have been checked irresponsibly by the professors. We urgently require the announcement of revised results and the immediate initiation of the re-evaluation process. Otherwise, many students will be unable to qualify for the third-semester examination, resulting in wasted academic years.”