Vasai-Virar Report 1.5 Lakh As Fine From Traffic Violations In 2022

Vasai, 7th January 2023: In the year 2022, a total of 1,45,927 cases of violation of traffic rules have been reported in the city of Vasai-Virar. A fine of 3,99,97,000 thousand rupees has been recovered. In this, the Vasai division’s fine recovery percentage is 79 percent and the Virar division’s fine recovery percentage is 44 percent.

The city has two transport divisions namely Virar and Vasai. These departments take action against drivers who violate the rules. In the year 2022, 1,45,927 cases of violation of traffic rules were reported. It includes various rules like illegal passenger transport, driving without a licence, not wearing a seat belt, breaking a signal, driving under the influence of alcohol, not having a number plate or putting the wrong number plate, and parking in the wrong place.

The Virar division recorded the highest number of cases at 82,000 cases and the Vasai division recorded 62,844 cases. The Vasai and Virar divisions have collected a total fine of Rs 3 crore 99 lakhs. A fine of Rs 2,43,77,000 from Vasai and Rs 1,56,900 from the Virar division. The Vasai Division has the highest percentage of fine recovery i.e. 79 per cent. 44 per cent has been recovered from the Virar division.