350 Kg Of Garbage Found In Yeoor Forest, NGO And Students Initiate Cleanliness Campaign

Thane, 28th October 2022: 350 kg of garbage has been found in Yeoor forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. An NGO in Thane, with some college students, have come together to remove this waste through a campaign.

Leopards and some rare animals, birds, and plants are found in Yeoor forest, which is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. However, many illegal dhabas, hotels, and bungalows have been set up in this area for the past few years due to the neglect of the Forest Department and Municipal Corporation. Some of these bungalows belong to political leaders. No action is taken against these bungalows by the municipality or the forest department. Some bungalows are given on rent too.

Tourists coming from outside the Yeoor forest area end up littering. The restaurant and dhabas throw their garbage around too. Despite the environmentalist organizations raising their voice in this regard, no concrete stand is taken by the Forest Department. The NGO Muse Foundation has been carrying out a cleanliness drive for about one and a half months to remove this waste from the forest of Yeur.

Yeoor forest is home to many animals, including leopards, deer, and monkeys. These animals can be injured by broken glass bottles. Plastic bags stuck in the ground pose a threat to plants as well as reptiles. There is a possibility that birds will eat plastic by mistaking it for food. Therefore, environmental activists say this is proving to be very harmful to the environment. The garbage and litter need to be cleaned as soon as possible.