All Exams Of Mumbai University Postponed From Today

Mumbai, 3rd February 2023: It has been decided to suspend all examinations of the University of Mumbai from Friday (3rd February) due to the boycott by non-agricultural universities and college non-teaching staff. The revised schedule of all postponed examinations will be announced soon on the university website, the university informed.

Mumbai University winter session exams are currently going on. The Maharashtra State University and College Employees Joint Action Committee boycotted the examination from 2nd February for the pending demand of non-agricultural university and college non-teaching staff. However, the non-teaching staff boycotted the 12-noon work on Thursday, before which the question papers reached the examination centres between eight and nine am, which did not affect the examination on Wednesday.

10 examinations of various departments were conducted smoothly. But in the wake of the employees’ agitation, now the time has come for the university to postpone the exams to be held from Friday. As a result, keeping in mind the possibility of problems arising in the work of the examination, all the examinations conducted by the University of Mumbai have been suspended from Friday, according to the information of the Director of Examination and Evaluation Board, Dr Prasad Karande.