Water Supply Disrupted In Mumbai For Four Days

Mumbai, 3rd February 2023: For the last four days, the citizens of Mumbai have had to struggle with water shortage and disruption. Citizens are expressing their anger as the water supply, interrupted for 24 hours due to repairs, is still not restored.

Some urgent works were undertaken by the water engineering department of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation from 10 am on 30th January to 10 am on 31st January in the water treatment centre at Bhandup Sankul. Due to this work, the water supply in the eastern and western suburbs was interrupted for 24 hours. However, the water supply was interrupted for another eight hours due to a delay in the repair work.

On Tuesday evening, the municipality claimed that water supply has started to all places in Mumbai in a phased manner. However, the water supply has not started till late at night in many places in the suburbs. Some sections received water directly after 48 hours on Wednesday. Contaminated water supply occurred in some places. In areas like Gorai, Charkop, and Dahisar, water was not supplied even on Thursday. Charkop, sitting settlements of Mhada in Gorai, Dahisar Vaishali Nagar, and Gorai village were facing water scarcity.

The administration says that for the first time in 42 years, the water supply has been interrupted for 24 hours. However, there has been no change in the administration of the municipality in 42 years. Citizens have criticized the administration of the municipality on social media by raising the question about the sloppy planning of major work.