Ambernath City To Be Declared As Temple City

Thane, 6th January 2023: The Ambernath Municipal Administration has recently started preparations to recognize the entire city of Ambernath as a temple city. The only Shiv temple in good condition in Thane and surrounding districts during the Shilahara period is in the town of Ambernath. Efforts are being made to preserve the identity of this temple. Recently Ambernath Municipality announced a tender. Accordingly, the municipality is now going to appoint an expert project management and consultant in this field to implement the concept of Temple City.

In the eastern part of Ambernath city, there is an ancient Shiva temple dating back to 963 years ago on the banks of river Valdhuni. The premises of this ancient temple, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Archeology Department of India, will be beautified. But while this is happening, the Ambernath Municipality is gearing up to introduce the city as a temple city. Now, various squares and streets of the city are going to be beautified according to the artistic architecture of the Shiva temple. Therefore, an attempt will be made to identify Ambernath city as Temple City. Ambernath Municipality has recently announced a tender for this. A consultant will be appointed to beautify the squares and roads to suit the architectural style of the Shiva temple. It is expected to prepare the project management and overall plan for it. This appointment will be for three years.