Harbour Railway Line To Be Extended Till Borivali

Mumbai, 7th December 2022: The Officials of Western Railway have stated that the Harbour Railway line up to Goregaon will be extended to Borivali. The proposal regarding land acquisition and survey of trees for this project has been sent to the state government for approval. The expansion project is intended to be completed by March 2025. Passengers will be able to travel directly to Borivali from CSMT via the Harbour line.


Locals run between CSMT – Panvel, CSMT – Andheri, and Goregaon on the Harbour route. Goregaon – Panvel local has also started. Earlier, instead of Goregaon, the harbour service was running from CSMT – Andheri. Many passengers were travelling from CSMT to Andheri and then travelling by Western Railway. Considering the demand of passengers, it was decided to extend the harbour service to Goregaon. In March 2019, local trains started running up to Goregaon. Now it has been decided to extend Harbour Railway to Borivali, and the work of expansion is being done by Western Railway.


A consultant has been appointed for this project. Various surveys have been done, including trees coming in the project and land acquisition. Also, work on route alignment planning and general drawing of bridges is in progress. A Western Railway official informed us that the proposal for a tree survey and land acquisition has been sent to the state government for approval. Preparation of the final detailed project report is currently in progress.


Goregaon-Borivali Harbor Expansion Project

Seven kilometres stretch between Goregaon and Borivali.
The cost of the project is Rs 825 crore 31 lakh.
Considering the available space, Goregaon – Borivali Harbor route is considered to be elevated in some places.
With the expansion, by 2031, the number of passengers will add another two to three lakhs.
During the expansion, some private and railway constructions will be hammered.
Presently there are five routes to Borivali and the sixth route is also going to be constructed. Two more harbour corridors will be added in future. So there will be eight routes till Borivali.
Mumbai Railway Development Corporation has planned to extend the Harbour Line from Borivali to Virar in future.