Mumbai: Chicken And Fish Inspection For The First Time After 15 Years By Food And Drug Administration

Mumbai, 21st November 2022: Until now, chicken and fish sellers were being inspected from the point of view of cleanliness. But for the first time since 2007, the samples of chicken and fish from vendors or restaurants will be sent to the laboratory for testing. Since no such test has been done in the administration’s laboratory so far, due to a lack of facilities, these samples will be sent to the private laboratory for testing. The Food and Drug Administration has decided to conduct a surprise inspection of samples from chicken and fish sellers across the state. Such an investigation has not been conducted in the last 15 years. Therefore, as soon as the current commissioner Abhimanyu Kale gave this order, the officials also started to stir.

In the state and various cities, chicken is sold in shops and fish is sold on the streets. These vendors are expected to maintain minimum cleanliness. While inspecting these vendors, only that inspection is done by the administration inspectors. But there is a provision in the law that samples of chicken and fish should also be checked. But that was not being done. Kale said that the order was given because it is also necessary to check whether the chicken or fish being sold is fit for consumption. Kale said that whether chicken or fish are sold in any shop or restaurant, they will be checked to see if they are not harmful to health.

The administration officials brought to the attention of the commissioner that there is a provision in the law that requires a microbiologist to take these samples. However, officials appointed by the Food and Drug Administration can take such samples, the commissioner explained.