Mumbai: Fake CBI Officer Arrested


Mumbai, 3rd January 2023: Police caught a thug who was carrying out a search operation at a lodge in Ghatkopar by showing a fake identity card and pretending to be a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) officer.

The accused had gone to a lodge near Ghatkopar railway station on Monday. He was drunk at that time. He showed the identity card to the staff there claiming to be a CBI officer. He then started checking the register of customers in the lodge. He then went to the customer’s room and started taking a photo of the customers’ identity cards. A customer realized that the accused was not a CBI officer from his behaviour. After he reported this incident to the lodge staff, they called the police and informed them about it. Accordingly, the police came to the lodge and detained the accused.

A case was registered at the Ghatkopar police station after it was found that his identity card was fake. The accused was then arrested. The name of the accused is Deepak More and he is a resident of Mankhurd. Police are investigating whether the accused has cheated anyone else in this way.