Mumbai: Now Cleaning Of Roads With Brush In Dadar Station Area

Dadar, 30th October 2022: Dadar station area is a big market for vegetable and flower sellers. Vegetables and flowers are brought here in bulk from outside Mumbai every morning. Small traders buy these goods and carry them around to sell them.


This business which has been going on for many years is increasing day by day and its stress has started coming on the Dadar area. Vegetables and soil left during the unloading of sacks of vegetables cause a thick layer of mud on the roads near the station, especially on the footpath of Tilak Bridge. As a solution, the municipality has intensified its campaign against hawkers after Diwali. So far, many efforts have been made to keep the Dadar area hawker free. But when the campaign of the municipality cools down, the crowd of hawkers resumes. But to change this picture, the North Division office of the municipality has decided to take strict steps.


Every day, there is continuous work of picking up the garbage from the streets. But the amount of garbage in the Dadar area is huge and even now garbage is picked up every hour. After Diwali, the Encroachment Removal Department has intensified its campaign against hawkers. Adding to that, they are using machines to clean the roads. The roads around the station are cleaned with water jets and brushes. Henceforth cleaning will be done every week in this manner. Cleaning the garbage with just a broom seems to be clean, but the dried mud of the vegetables is not removed and it also causes accidents.


Irfan Kazi, an officer in the solid waste department of the North Division Office, said that the cleaning will be done with a brush. Bringing vegetables and flowers from outside Mumbai is prohibited after 7 am. He also said that these traders are prohibited from stopping on the road after seven, unloading goods, or stopping the cars.