Mumbai: Three Thousand New CCTV Cameras On Central Railway; Security Of Passengers Will Be Stronger

Mumbai, 30th October 2022: To strengthen the security of passengers, 3000 new CCTV cameras of the latest quality will be installed at the railway stations of the Mumbai division of the Central Railway. Some of the old cameras will be replaced by new cameras. According to the Central Railway Security Force, these cameras will be installed by March 2023 under the Nirbhaya scheme. Therefore, the safety of passengers will be stronger.


The suburban station spread of Central Railway is from CSMT to Karjat, Kasara, Khopoli, Panvel, and Andheri. The Mumbai division extends to Karjat, Kasara, Lonavala, and Igatpuri. Millions of passengers travel through this route every day. If a crime takes place within railway limits, CCTV helps to investigate the crime successfully. But considering the number of lakhs of passengers and increased crime, the number of CCTVs is not enough, and their quality is also not good. Therefore, the subject of CCTVs in the Mumbai division is always in discussion. At present, up to 3 thousand 100 CCTV cameras have been installed in more than 75 railway stations in the Mumbai division.


Senior Divisional Security Commissioner (RPF) Rishi Shukla said, ‘’Some of these are old CCTV cameras and they will be replaced with new cameras. New locations for installing cameras have been found in some stations and cameras will also be installed there. There are a total of 3,000 new cameras and some cameras that recognize the faces of criminals in the crowd (Face Recognition System) and alert the control room have also been included in this.’’


The tender process for the same has been completed. Security forces are just waiting for new CCTVs which will be available soon.


Shukla also said, ‘’The aim is to install the cameras by March 2023. Some of the cameras will be installed at platforms where local women’s coaches enter, entrances, pedestrian bridges as well as skyways connecting stations and the ends of platforms.’’