Mumbai: Taj Mahal Hotel’s Heartwarming Gesture: Stray Dog Welcomed with Open Arms

Mumbai, 29th May 2024: During a recent stay at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, an HR professional, Rubi Khan, was pleasantly surprised to encounter a stray dog peacefully resting at the hotel’s entrance. Intrigued by the dog’s presence, Khan inquired with the staff, who revealed that the dog had been a part of the hotel since birth, with Ratan Tata himself emphasizing the importance of treating all animals on the premises with kindness.

Taking to LinkedIn to share her experience, Khan expressed deep admiration for the hotel’s values. She highlighted the Taj Mahal Hotel’s ethos of inclusivity, evident in its treatment of every living being within its walls. Khan was moved by the simple yet profound sight of the dog, often overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of the esteemed establishment, symbolizing the hotel’s genuine care for all.

Further reflecting on her experience, Khan emphasized the hotel’s commitment to fostering an environment of psychological safety and emotional intelligence. She emphasized that a business’s true essence lies in how it treats others, and she witnessed these principles firsthand at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Khan commended the hotel for its exemplary balance of business acumen and heartfelt care, regardless of external perceptions.