Mumbai: NHRC Issues Show Cause Notice to Assistant Commissioner Over Safety Equipment Neglect

Mumbai, 28th May 2024: The National Human Resource Commission (NHRC) has taken action by issuing a show cause notice to the assistant commissioner of M-East Ward (Govandi) for allegedly neglecting to ensure the provision of safety equipment to labourers tasked with cleaning nullahs.

The NHRC has queried the official regarding the failure to grant a compensation of Rs 50,000 to manual scavengers as mandated by law for the infringement of their human rights.

Origin of Complaint

On April 20, 2023, Faiyaz Shaikh lodged a formal complaint alleging that labourers were being employed as manual scavengers under hazardous conditions.

“The labourers were observed cleaning gutters using their bare hands, prompting Shaikh to seek the commission’s intervention,” stated the order copy.

After reviewing the evidence and the complaint, the commission determined that the labourers were indeed found cleaning gutters without proper protection, and the responsible authorities had not provided satisfactory justification for this lapse.

“The report submitted by the concerned authorities for August 25, 2023, lacks any explanation regarding this matter,” the order highlighted.